Appearances in 2019


CNBC - John Petrides on "Can Tesla’s stock price go lower?" (5.16.19).


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides on "Are there other issues weighing down the market outside of Trade Tariffs?" (5.15.19). 


Cheddar -  John Petrides discussing the escalation of trade wars between the US and China and its impact on certain sectors and stocks, (5.13.19).


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze on the markets, the trade wars and his top stock picks, (5.9.19).


Wall Street Unplugged - John Petrides providing an all-in-one road map on FAANG stocks, earnings, and trade wars with China, (5.8.19; interview begins at 19:10) .


Bloomberg Radio - David Dietze on the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, and his shareholder meeting this weekend, (5.3.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze live on top stocks to buy today, (5.2.19).


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides on what company results are telling investors about the health of the global economy, (5.2.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides debating risks to Amazon’s stock price that might not be considered in its current price, (4.29.19).


BNN Bloomberg - John Petrides how you should handle your portfolio in today’s market, (4.29.19).


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze interviewed by Nicole Petallides live from the Nasdaq on the markets and his top stock picks, (4.26.19).


YahooFinance - John Petrides discusses signs that stocks can push higher despite a strong start to the year, (4.25.19).


BloombergRadio -  David Dietze on the markets and his top stock picks (starts at 28:26, 4.18.19).


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze on the markets and whether you should invest in weed…..stocks! (4.18.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on whether you should invest in Uber’s IPO, (4.11.19). 


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze on best investments in the healthcare sector, (4.11.19) 


FoxBusiness - John Petrides discussing three “underdog” stocks in today’s market, (4.9.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides discussing Snap Chat and if it can rise another 100%, (4.5.19). 


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides from the Nasdaq discussing attractive opportunities in Healthcare stock, (4.2.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on why you should be invested now, and the outlook for Hershey stock, (3.28.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on despite the rally to start the year, there is value to be had in retail stocks, (3.28.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the market outlook and investing in Apple, (3.25.19).


YahooFinance - John Petrides discussing China and Brexit, (3.14.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze weighs in on the horrific tragedy involving a Boeing plane in Ethiopia, and the investment implications, (3.12.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing Boeing’s economic future post the recent 737 airline incidents, (3.11.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on China and corporate earnings, (3.11.19).


Bloomberg Radio - David Dietze on how to invest in today’s market, plus shares three stock picks! (starts at 26:47) (3.11.19). 


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze the TDA Network on China, the Fed and a top stock pick now, (3.6.19). 


CNBC - John Petrides on CNBC discussing if stocks can continue to rally higher as the S&P 500 approaches the 10th anniversary of its bottom post the Financial Crisis, (3.1.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the outlook for the stock market amid issues including the Cohen testimony, (2.27.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze discusses how the Chinese trade negotiations may affect the stock market, (2.26.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing the market reaction to the Fed Minutes, China Tariffs, and the direction of the yield curve, (2.20.19).


YahooFinance -  John Petrides discussing how retailers are faring in this environment, (2.19.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze on the outlook for the stock market, (2.14.19).


BNNBloomberg -  John Petrides discussing can stocks climb higher without a resolution to Trade Wars? (2.13.19)


TDameritrade - John Petrides discussing sector rotation in today’s market, (2.11.19).  


CNN - John Petrides discussing the direction of stocks: What part of the cycle is the market in? (2.8.19).


CNBC -  David Dietze on how current earnings are affecting the stock market, and best bets going forward, (2.6.19).  


WallStreet Unplugged -  John Petrides on what is on the horizon for investors?, (2.6.19 interview starts at 22.20).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on where stocks may be headed after the strongest January in decades, (2.4.19).


Bloomberg Radio -  David Dietze on the stock market outlook in the wake of a strong start to 2019, (2.4.19 - starts at 0:32).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing Google ahead of Monday’s earnings, (2.1.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides discussing the Fed’s action, the market’s reaction, and what should investors expect now, (1.30.19).


FoxBusiness - John Petrides discussing “Oscar worthy” stock picks in today’s market, (1.22.19).  


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze live on BNN Bloomberg  on why he’s still bullish on the markets, (1.22.19).


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze on the outlook for energy companies and two attractive Canadian energy plays, (1.21.19).


YahooFinance - Should Apple be removed from FA”A”NG? John Petrides discussing investoar concerns for Apple in 2019, (1.17.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the stellar results of recent bank earnings (starts at 6:30 into video), (1.16.19).


CNBC - John Petrides iscussing bank earnings up this week, (1.14.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the outlook for upcoming bank earnings, (1.11.19, starts at 13:31). 


CNBC - David Dietze on how the government shutdown may affect the financial markets, (1.9.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze on his top picks for 2019, (1.7.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing stocks heading into earnings season, (1.7.19).


TDAmeritrade - John Petrides on has the bull market been “reborn"? (1.7.19.).


BloombergRadio -  David Dietze on the investment implications for Apple, China, and Tesla, (1.3.19, starts at 30:34).


FoxBusiness -  David Dietze on Tesla and his top picks for  2019, (1.2.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on what to make of Apple’s revised earnings guidance?, (1.2.19).


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