Appearances in 2019


NBR - Earnings season is upon us! David Dietze discusses what to watch for on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report (10.14.19)(starts at 7:15 on the linked clip). 


TDAmeritrade - What to invest in amid the trade wars and possible Fed rate cuts? David Dietze speaks live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq (10.10.19)! 


FoxBusiness - Companies will soon release earnings reports for the last quarter.  What should investors be looking for? David Dietze speaks live on Fox (at 5:23 - 10.7.19). 


FoxBusiness - What’s driving America’s increasing thirst for hard seltzer and how can you  play this trend in the stock market?  David Dietze speaks live on Fox with Stuart Varney! (9.27.19). 

TDAmeritrade - In light of the increasing volatility on Wall Street, what are the best stocks to buy now?  David Dietze speaks live at the Nasdaq with Nicole Petallides! (9.26.19). 


FoxBusiness - What are the implication of signs the economy is strengthening as the Federal Reserve reduces borrowing costs? David Dietze speaks live on Fox, (9.19.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze joins Neil Cavuto and the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman to handicap the rate decision of the Federal Reserve on Fox! (9.18.19)(at 6:06


FoxBusiness - Now that legendary money manager Carl Icahn is departing NY for Florida, why and how is the big money leaving the high tax states? David Dietze joins Texas Congressman Lance Gooden to discuss live on Fox! 


FoxBusiness - Is the stock market predicting a trade deal with China? David Dietze speaks live on Fox, (9.12.19).


TDAmeritrade - What to invest in amid the trade wars and possible Fed rate cuts? David Dietze speaks live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq, (9.12.19).


FoxBusiness - Can markets continue to rally despite the Chinese trade dispute? David Dietze weighs in live on FOX, (9.5.19).


FoxBusiness - What will be the long term impact of the Chinese trade wars on the US economy and markets? (David Dietze, 9.3.19).


Bloomberg - What do you like most about the US Open and the stock market?  David Dietze live at the US Open, (starts at 33:06 - 8.30.19)! 


BNN Bloomberg - How to revamp your portfolio amid increasing risks of a recession around the corner? David Dietze live on BNN Bloomberg.


FoxBusiness - Amid the increasing volatility this month, Point View’s David Dietze questions live on Fox former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman (at 6:05) of and an Iowa farmer feeling the fallout from tariffs (3:50 of
TD Ameritrade - Amid increasing volatility this month, are there still investments to make you money? David Dietze speaks live with TD Ameritrade from the Nasdaq (8.16.19).
CNBC - As Trump negotiates tariffs with China, how should you manage your portfolio? David Dietze speaks live to CNBC, (8.13.19).
BNN Bloomberg - In light of an expected rate cut by the Federal Reserve, what are some of the best investments now? David Dietze, (7.26.19).
TD Ameritrade -  Can solid dividend paying stocks help immunize your portfolio from volatility?  David Dietze speaks live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq (7.25.19). 
FoxBusiness - Given a strong economy is this the time to increase Government spending and lift the cap on our Nation’s debt?  David Dietze, (7.23.19). 
CNBC - Two names to invest in despite the market being at all-time highs? David Dietze, (7.23.19).
FoxBusiness - What was the big takeaway from the markets last week?  And how can you profit going forward? David Dietze speaks live with Maria Bartiroma on Wall Street (7.19.19)(starts at 1:10 of show). 
TD Ameritrade - What to buy with the market at all-time highs? David Dietze speaks live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq (7.11.19). 
BNN Bloomberg - Making sense of a market at all-time highs coupled with a Federal Reserve looking to cut interest rates.  What is the best investment strategy now?  David Dietze, (7.3.19).
Bloomberg - Best investments for 2019’s Second Half?  David Dietze,  (starts at 1:00, 7.3.19).
CNBC - Can you still invest in stocks despite the market being at record highs?  David Dietze,  (7.3.19).


TD Ameritrade - What are the best stocks for this year’s second half?  David Dietze live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq, (6.28.19).


NBR - Does the prospect of Fed rate cuts make dividend paying stocks “no brainers”. And if so, what are the best ones to buy?  To avoid?  David Dietze. (starts at 7:59, 6.20.19)!  


Yahoo Finance - What the Fed meeting means for investors, John Petrides, (6.20.19).


CNBC - John Petrides debates the future of Netflix, (6.17.19).


FoxBusiness - Will the Federal Reserve cut interest rates next week and will that light a fire under the market? David Dietze, (6.13.19). 


TD Ameritrade - What are the best dividend plays in the markets today?  David Dietze live with Nicole Petallides from the Nasdaq, (6.13.19).


Asia First - With markets just 2% off all-time highs, can investors still make money in stocks? David Dietze, (6.12.19).


CNBC - Is now the time to jump into Tesla stock?  What other bargains are in the market despite the threat of massive new tariffs on Chinese imports?  David Dietze, (6.11.19).

FoxBusiness - Is President Trump handling the negotiations with China properly?  David Dietze, (6.11.19). - What would happen if tariffs on China increase to $300 billion? John Petrides, (6.6.19).


FoxBusiness - Did Nancy Pelosi help the stock market?  David Dietze, (5.30.19)(starts at 0:29). 
BloombergRadio - How to invest amid the trade wars, a weakening global economy, and volatile markets?  David Dietze speaks live with Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeney, (5.30.19). 

CNBC - Bonds have rallied to start the year. Yields are low. Stocks have sold off recently. Look to rebalance your portfolio. John Petrides on portfolio strategy given the recent news on tariffs on Mexico, (5.30.19).


CNBC - What stocks look attractive in the energy sector? John Petrides live on CNBC’s Closing Bell discussing this topic. (5.28.19).


TDAmeritrade - David Dietze on the one tech stock you should own now, (5.23.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on how to invest amid increasing trade war tensions, (5.23.19).


CNBC - Tesla’s stock continues to sell off. Is it time to buy? John Petrides discussing the stock, (5.22.19).


Bloomberg Radio - David Dietze on best investments given the current market uncertainties! (at 29:30, 5.21.19).


Fox Business - David Dietze speaks live with Neil Cavuto on how the trade wars could affect the economy, the markets and the election, (5.20.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on "Can Tesla’s stock price go lower?" (5.16.19).


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides on "Are there other issues weighing down the market outside of Trade Tariffs?" (5.15.19). 


Cheddar -  John Petrides discussing the escalation of trade wars between the US and China and its impact on certain sectors and stocks, (5.13.19).


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze on the markets, the trade wars and his top stock picks, (5.9.19).


Wall Street Unplugged - John Petrides providing an all-in-one road map on FAANG stocks, earnings, and trade wars with China, (5.8.19; interview begins at 19:10) .


Bloomberg Radio - David Dietze on the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, and his shareholder meeting this weekend, (5.3.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze live on top stocks to buy today, (5.2.19).


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides on what company results are telling investors about the health of the global economy, (5.2.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides debating risks to Amazon’s stock price that might not be considered in its current price, (4.29.19).


BNN Bloomberg - John Petrides how you should handle your portfolio in today’s market, (4.29.19).


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze interviewed by Nicole Petallides live from the Nasdaq on the markets and his top stock picks, (4.26.19).


YahooFinance - John Petrides discusses signs that stocks can push higher despite a strong start to the year, (4.25.19).


BloombergRadio -  David Dietze on the markets and his top stock picks (starts at 28:26, 4.18.19).


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze on the markets and whether you should invest in weed…..stocks! (4.18.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on whether you should invest in Uber’s IPO, (4.11.19). 


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze on best investments in the healthcare sector, (4.11.19) 


FoxBusiness - John Petrides discussing three “underdog” stocks in today’s market, (4.9.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides discussing Snap Chat and if it can rise another 100%, (4.5.19). 


TD Ameritrade - John Petrides from the Nasdaq discussing attractive opportunities in Healthcare stock, (4.2.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on why you should be invested now, and the outlook for Hershey stock, (3.28.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on despite the rally to start the year, there is value to be had in retail stocks, (3.28.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the market outlook and investing in Apple, (3.25.19).


YahooFinance - John Petrides discussing China and Brexit, (3.14.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze weighs in on the horrific tragedy involving a Boeing plane in Ethiopia, and the investment implications, (3.12.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing Boeing’s economic future post the recent 737 airline incidents, (3.11.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on China and corporate earnings, (3.11.19).


Bloomberg Radio - David Dietze on how to invest in today’s market, plus shares three stock picks! (starts at 26:47) (3.11.19). 


TD Ameritrade - David Dietze the TDA Network on China, the Fed and a top stock pick now, (3.6.19). 


CNBC - John Petrides on CNBC discussing if stocks can continue to rally higher as the S&P 500 approaches the 10th anniversary of its bottom post the Financial Crisis, (3.1.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the outlook for the stock market amid issues including the Cohen testimony, (2.27.19).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze discusses how the Chinese trade negotiations may affect the stock market, (2.26.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing the market reaction to the Fed Minutes, China Tariffs, and the direction of the yield curve, (2.20.19).


YahooFinance -  John Petrides discussing how retailers are faring in this environment, (2.19.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze on the outlook for the stock market, (2.14.19).


BNNBloomberg -  John Petrides discussing can stocks climb higher without a resolution to Trade Wars? (2.13.19)


TDameritrade - John Petrides discussing sector rotation in today’s market, (2.11.19).  


CNN - John Petrides discussing the direction of stocks: What part of the cycle is the market in? (2.8.19).


CNBC -  David Dietze on how current earnings are affecting the stock market, and best bets going forward, (2.6.19).  


WallStreet Unplugged -  John Petrides on what is on the horizon for investors?, (2.6.19 interview starts at 22.20).


FoxBusiness - David Dietze on where stocks may be headed after the strongest January in decades, (2.4.19).


Bloomberg Radio -  David Dietze on the stock market outlook in the wake of a strong start to 2019, (2.4.19 - starts at 0:32).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing Google ahead of Monday’s earnings, (2.1.19).


CNBC -  John Petrides discussing the Fed’s action, the market’s reaction, and what should investors expect now, (1.30.19).


FoxBusiness - John Petrides discussing “Oscar worthy” stock picks in today’s market, (1.22.19).  


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze live on BNN Bloomberg  on why he’s still bullish on the markets, (1.22.19).


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze on the outlook for energy companies and two attractive Canadian energy plays, (1.21.19).


YahooFinance - Should Apple be removed from FA”A”NG? John Petrides discussing investoar concerns for Apple in 2019, (1.17.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the stellar results of recent bank earnings (starts at 6:30 into video), (1.16.19).


CNBC - John Petrides iscussing bank earnings up this week, (1.14.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the outlook for upcoming bank earnings, (1.11.19, starts at 13:31). 


CNBC - David Dietze on how the government shutdown may affect the financial markets, (1.9.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze on his top picks for 2019, (1.7.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing stocks heading into earnings season, (1.7.19).


TDAmeritrade - John Petrides on has the bull market been “reborn"? (1.7.19.).


BloombergRadio -  David Dietze on the investment implications for Apple, China, and Tesla, (1.3.19, starts at 30:34).


FoxBusiness -  David Dietze on Tesla and his top picks for  2019, (1.2.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on what to make of Apple’s revised earnings guidance?, (1.2.19).


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