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    • Logon to Fidelity.com
    • To view your Fidelity statements, trade confirmations, and obtain other information about your Fidelity accounts, you can logon directly at Fidelity.com. If you do not already have a logon, you can sign-up at Fidelity.com. A Fidelity.com login allows you, if you are not already receiving electronic delivery of statements and trade confirmations, to opt for such delivery. Selecting electronic delivery instead of paper enables you to receive reduced trade commissions. If you need assistance, please call Point View or Fidelity's tech support at 800-544-7595.

    • By Mail or Federal Express/UPS:
    • If the check is from your checking or other brokerage account, make the check payable to "Fidelity Investments," and write your Fidelity account number on the "memo" line.
    • If the check is from a third party made out to you, endorse it on the back as follows: "Pay to the order of Fidelity Investments, account number [your Fidelity account number]," followed by your signature
    • We suggest you use Federal Express/UPS for any amount over $1,000.
    • Mail or Overnight/Express Mail (Fedex, UPS, USPS Express) the check to:
    • Standard Mail: Overnight/Express Mail:
      Fidelity Investments
      P. O. Box 770002
      Cincinnati, OH 45277-8007
      Fidelity Investments
      100 Crosby Pkwy
      Mail Zone KC1J-8007
      Covington, KY 4 1015
    • By Mobile Upload You can make a mobile deposit through the Fidelity Mobile Checking App. on your cell phone, or you can bring the check to our office and we would be happy to make a deposit on your behalf. On the back of the check in the endorsement field you need to write the verbiage "For deposit only to my Fidelity Account #_______________, and endorse the check. Note, the maximum deposit per day is $250,000 per this method. In Person at Fidelity Investment Branch
    • Checks for deposit into your Fidelity account can be accepted and deposited on your behalf at Fidelity Investment branch locations.
    • Closest Fidelity Investment branch location to Point View:
    • Millburn NJ

    • 150 Essex Street
      Millburn NJ 07041
      Phone: 800-545-0323
      By Domestic Wire
    • Fidelity does not initiate incoming domestic wires. Clients must contact their bank and provide them with the following wiring instructions:
    • Wire to: J.P Morgan Chase Bank, NY
      Address: One Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York City, NY 10005
      ABA Number (routing number): 021000021
      For credit to: National Financial Services, LLC
      Account number: 066196–221
      For benefit of: Customer's name (retirement accounts must include the applicable contribution codes shown in the table below)
      For Further Credit: Customer's Fidelity brokerage account number
      SWIFT Code: CHASUS33 (International wires)

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