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Point View Wealth Management is an SEC registered investment adviser and part of Peapack Private, the wealth management division of Peapack-Gladstone Bank. Point View Wealth Management  provides fee only independent customized portfolio management services. We have only your best interests in mind, unlike stockbrokers who may have a vested interest in the products sold. Because we do not work for security issuers, we can objectively advise our clients as security investors.

Using extensive research and sound investment principle, we strive to produce superior returns for our clients in a way that accords with their individual goals and risk tolerances. We do this by constructing a comprehensive investment strategy, using the appropriate combination of stocks, bonds and mutual funds for each client.

  • A Customized Investment Approach

    Point View analyzes your financial objectives, time horizons, liquidity needs, income requirements, tax status, current holdings, risk tolerance, particular preferences, and a host of other personal data. We then couple this analysis with the outlook for various sectors of the capital markets to develop a customized investment strategy designed to meet your particular objectives.

    Comprehensive Financial Planning

    Point View Wealth Management,  offers comprehensive financial planning tailored to your unique circumstances. We can propose strategies on retirement and educational planning, tax minimization, estate planning, and a wide range of goals and issues. Financial planning is available as a stand-alone service or can be integrated with our investment management services.

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